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PARK BAYIL is located right in front of the new part of the famous Baku Boulevard and State Flag Square. From the windows of PARK BAYIL, there is a magnificent view of the Caspian Sea, as well as a beautiful urban panorama.

The residential complex is located very close to the center of the City, making the residents` life comfortable thanks to the distinguished city-center infrastructure. Walking just for a couple of minutes will be enough to reach the most beloved place of the citizens - Baku Seaside Boulevard. At the same time,  one of the oldest city parks, the Bayil garden, stretches right from the gate of the Complex.

PARK BAYIL enjoys extremely comfortable dislocation relatively to the main thoroughfares. This minimizes the problem of traffic, which is a nuissance elsewhere in Baku. Departure for the Southern, Western and Northern directions is simply instant - just roll out the quarter to the highway, and choose the desired direction. The road will take you straight from the complex to Heydar Aliyev International Airport or suburban private summer-house settlements of Absheron. Therefore, even during peak traffic hours, you'll find yourself in desired destination point very soon.

Many of necessary sites - private and public kindergartens, schools, medical centers, bank branches, as well as maternity hospital, fitness clubs, cafés & restaurants to fit all tastes - are existing within walking distance from house. This gives special comfort to accomodation in PARK BAYIL.